This one is a train and a building block. This toy train consists of two train boxes with one train head and several carriages.

The building blocks are built together, and the children can work together and play. Exercise your child’s hand movements and build


The small train is divided into three sections, connected by small hooks. Each train has different shapes, shapes and color blocks, a total of 16.


There are pull wires on the head, which can pull the game. The blocks are green, color, red, yellow and blue. The shapes are rectangular, square, triangle and round.

In order to let the baby recognize various colors, recognize several basic shapes. Put the blocks into the corresponding positions, you can also cultivate the treasure.

Bao’s hand-eye coordination ability to exercise the flexibility of their wrists.

Educational purpose:

Let the baby know different geometric figures and colors; exercise the baby’s hand-

eye coordination ability; cultivate the baby’s analysis and view


Material: wood
Size: 31 * 8 * 5cm
Suitable age: 3 years old or older


Testimoni Three Shape Train Wooden
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