PHONICS MADE SIMPLE for Preschools (Book 2)

PHONICS MADE SIMPLE for Preschools (Book 1, Book 2, Book 3 & Book 4) created to shows phonics learning & activity series specially prepared for young learners to acquire his or her fluency in phonics 🥰

The fun chanting of evergreen rhymes has been included to allow the child to enjoy & develop his or her reading skills

This wonderful book will no doubt improve the learning child’s familiarisation, pronunciation & spelling of common words around them ☺️

🌸 A few pages of activities are included in the book to assess the child’s development on what he or she had learn

🌸 This book is suitable for the child ages 4-6 years…

It’s using a matte & simili paper in size 26cm x 18.5cm with a total of pages : 48 pages (each book)…woww !

Go and get now from our authorized agent all around Malaysia by spending RM 5.50 per book…wowww it’s very affordable and worth to use 😍


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