-This set of letter cards is very interesting.
-The baby can recognize the letters and learn the English name of the animals on the card.
-The animal cards can better promote the speed of the baby to recognize the letters.
-The writing instructions on the back of the animal cards Can teach babies to write the corresponding letters.

Material: Card & Wood

How to play & learn:

1. Color Learning – Identify the same color of alphabets and group them together.
2. Alphabet Learning – Introducing the alphabet letters to your child. The best way to teach children alphabet letters is by telling them their phonetic sound. So each time they trace the letter, say the phonetic sound. Next, you can play with your child. For example, please pick up the “M” letter for me and continue to do this with each letter several times to reinforce their alphabet recognition.
3. Eye-hand Coordination development – Match the alphabet letters according to their shapes with the wooden cards. By doing this, they will find out only the correct shape will fit into the wooden cards.
4. Vocabulary Learning – Each wooden cards is printed with a cartoon animal and vocabulary. Associate alphabets with different type of animals.


Video Letter Card
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